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Everything you need to build, run and scale a profitable metaverse business

Moonstax simplifies Web3 treasury operations, workflows, multi-party management and accounting so you can streamline processes, monetize projects and unlock new revenue channels all from one platform.

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We’re at the beginning of the biggest creative explosion and largest shift of technology and economic empowerment of our lifetime

We’re at the beginning of the biggest creative explosion and largest shift of technology and economic empowerment of our lifetime

SaaS for your metaverse business

Manage all your Web3 assets, accounts and portfolios across blockchains within a secure environment. Reach financial success with detailed accounting, intelligent reporting and cash flow visibility.

One seamless back-office at your fingertips

Streamline operations with role-based access levels and internal financial controls. Easily transfer to internal and external groups or distribute bundled transactions to millions of members across any chain.

Save over 120 hours a month with Moonstax

Say goodbye to copy and paste and losing assets. Manage transactions safely and efficiently.

Reduce the need for 10-20 platforms to run your metaverse business. Everything you need in one place

Delete the spreadsheets and headaches. Easily collaborate in Web3 with multiple parties securely

Accessible and convenient to everyone. Remove complexities and the “chain” from the experience

Get a holistic view of accounts, transactions and ROI. Give your whole team a consistent experience

The new frontier of the creator economy belongs to you. Build the next billion dollar metaverse project today.

Unleashing Web3 workflows at scale

Use projects, scheduling and automations to efficiently conduct Web3 operations for your Metaverse business. Make better decisions with actionable insights from fully customizable data analytics dashboards.


Expand your (hive) mind

Create groups and build NFT and Metaverse projects with frens like never before. Moonstax Web3 collaboration tools and social portal give you limitless opportunities for creativity and financial freedom together


Execute like pro, manage like a boss and rocket your business to the moon like Elon

Unlock new revenue and monetization channels with Moonstax

Game Studios

NFT Creator Projects

Brands & Enterprises


Collectors & Gamers

Enjoy a chainless experience

Focus on a moon launch success, not what chain you’re on

Moonstax provides full multi-chain support for the most in-demand chains without compromising convenience and security.

What People Are Saying

"Web3 and NFTs are filled with major pain points every step of the way for businesses and collectors in the creator economy. Moonstax is the 1st solution in the market that can truly onboard the next billion non-crypto Web2 users by providing the best experience."
Sandeep Nailwal
Co-Founder & COO Polygon, Founder Crypto Relief
“To onboard billions of Web2 users into the Web3 creator economy, we need to provide a great user experience, not make it more technical and cumbersome. Moonstax’s platform and suite of NFT tools is the answer to this problem by enabling a frictionless and easy to use NFT experience for users.”
Bryan Lu
Co-Founder YGG SEA, Founding Partner Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Partner Headline Asia
“Moonstax is building products that are truly valuable for the entire Web3 creator economy, and absolutely needed to bridge the gap and onboard Web2 users into NFTs and Web3.”
Mega Professional Gaming Influencer, Fortnite Character Skins, Streamer of the Year Winner, 18M+ Followers/Subscribers, 2.5Bn streams

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